Avoid License Suspension

In Florida, driving with a suspended or revoked driver's license is a serious offense. If you are designated a habitual traffic offender, you could risk losing your driving privileges for five years.


I understand the negative ramifications you face, and I can help you minimize them when you contact The Law Offices of Ian D. Nesbeth, LLC. Based in Tallahassee, my criminal defense law firm represents residents, visitors and college students throughout North Florida.


Avoid A Habitual Traffic Offender Designation — Call Ian D. Nesbeth Right Away


In many cases, my clients are unaware their driver's licenses are suspended when they are pulled over or they try to pay their traffic tickets. There are several ways someone's license can get suspended — from too many points to skipping a court appearance or not paying auto insurance.


Regardless of whether or not you knew your driver's license was suspended or revoked at the time of your police stop, I can help you take the best legal steps toward protecting your driver's license and avoiding serious legal consequences.


Depending on your past traffic violations, getting charged for driving with a suspended license can result in misdemeanor or felony conviction. Driving with a revoked driver's license can result in even more severe penalties.


Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) Designation


I work very hard to help my clients avoid being designated as a HTO. While this designation depends on the prior traffic violations you have committed in the past five years, they most often include:

• Driving with a suspended license
• DUI/DWI charges
• Car accidents resulting in injury or death
• A high number of traffic violations resulting in several accumulated points on your license


If you're caught driving as an HTO while your driver's license is suspended, you may end up with a felony conviction, including five years in prison.


When you contact The Law Offices of Ian D. Nesbeth, LLC, I will immediately get to work helping you understand your legal rights and your options to fight your charges. Drawing from several years of governmental criminal defense experience, I will work to reduce or amend your charges — ultimately minimizing penalties including license suspension, fines and jail or prison time.


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Please contact The Law Offices of Ian D. Nesbeth, LLC, at 850-322-8530 when you need effective legal representation from an experienced Leon County revoked license lawyer. Free initial consultations. Call 24/7. Off-site consultations available.

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