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2015-04-22, 10:07
Great Attorney
I had obtained a speeding ticket from out of town (Tallhassee) and received Ian Nesbeth's postcard mailer to my home (Orlando), I had never obtained an attorney for speeding but thought I'd give it a try. Although I thought it would be a waste of money , with pleasant surprise, My almost $300 speeding ticket was reduced significantly, no points, no school and no one can access this ticket. What an Awesome deal !! Mr. Nesbeth kept me abreast through every step of the way and exactly what he said and the time frame he said it would happen was exactly the same. Very, Very pleased with the results!!! Great Attorney...
2015-04-18, 10:07
Fantastic Service!
I got my first ticket ever in Madison County, and I was very worried about getting points on my license or having to attend traffic school. Mr. Nesbeth was very attentive throughout the whole process and was available if I had any questions regarding my case, whether he was busy in court or meeting with a potential client, he always made sure to reach out to me within a reasonable amount of time. My case was DISMISSED!! and all I had to do was pay the court fee cost. No points and no traffic school. Ian is incredible!!!
2015-04-15, 10:07
Due to a three hour time difference and my grandson's work schedule, my grandson (who lives in CA) asked me if I would contact the Law Office of Mr. Ian Nesbeth, for him. My grandson received a speeding ticket, as he was heading to the airport to catch his return flight to CA. Great choice of an attorney, on my grandson's part. My grandson's weekend trip to Tallahassee for an event at FSU began with lost luggage (missing over 24 hours) on his arrival at NW FL Beaches Int'l Airport in Panama City and ended with a speeding ticket, while on the way to the airport. My grandson missed the last plane back to CA that evening!! I contacted Mr. Nesbeth's office and he called me back immediately. Then I called Mr. Nesbeth again, but I didn't leave a voicemail message. To my surprise, Mr. Nesbeth called me shortly thereafter and said he was returning a "missed call." After I asked a couple of questions, Mr. Nesbeth advised me to contact the Judge's office in the county where my grandson was ticketed, to see if my grandson would qualify for PTI, which is Pre-Trial Intervention Deferred Judgment Program. My grandson had already voluntarily taken the on-line Basic Driver Improvement Course, prior to me contacting the Judge's office. My grandson was approved for PTI and he will not have to pay the fine, if he has no additional citations or driving sanctions, within the next six (6) months! Also, the DMV will have no record of the citation. I called Mr. Nesbeth today and I left a voicemail message to THANK Mr. Nesbeth for his help and advice. Mr. Nesbeth called me back within minutes!! Mr. Nesbeth HELPED MY GRANDSON at NO CHARGE!! It's very rare to receive help from an Attorney, without the clock running!! The Cop who ticketed my grandson said he knew my grandson was slowing down, but he wrote the citation anyway! If you're heading West out of Tallahassee, on the back roads, watch for speed limit signs, as you approach the small towns! The speed limit drops rapidly from 65 mph to 35 mph!! My grandson missed seeing that the speed limit was dropping, as the signs were blocked from his view by a big truck. When my grandson headed to the airport the next day, he saw the speed limit signs and the presence of law enforcement, again! "THANKS" JUST DOESN'T SEEM LIKE ENOUGH FOR ALL THE HELP AND ADVICE FROM MR. NESBETH!! Mr. Nesbeth told me "SOMETIMES IT'S ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE, IT'S NOT ABOUT THE MONEY!" And, that's what Mr. Nesbeth did, he helped my grandson, who is just starting out!! THANKS FROM BOTH ME AND MY GRANDSON!! We highly recommend Mr. Nesbeth and we will gladly refer any of our friends in Tallahassee, who are in need of Mr. Nebeth's services! ALL THE BEST TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, MR. NESBETH.
2015-04-08, 10:07
Truly Thankful
I was in a drivers license bind due to my own negligence. I didn't know what was going to happen but I didn't want to lose my license for five years. I called Attorney Ian Nesbeth and he informed me not to worry. He discussed all of my options in detail and quoted me a fair price for his services. Within a week Mr. Nesbeth called me to say my license would not be suspended for 5 years and everything has been taken care of. What a relief ! I just want to let everyone know how thankful I am for Attorney Ian Nesbeth. If you are ever in a bind regarding a traffic or drivers license case, this is the Attorney to call.
Andre W.
2015-03-24, 16:09
Thank you so much. I truly appreciate it.
I hope to never have any legal problems, but if I do I'll be contacting you. :-)
Take care and God bless you
Josue P.
2015-03-24, 12:32
You did an awesome job, thank you!!!
Sade F.
2015-03-24, 12:32
I really appreciate you getting my ticket dismissed.
Greg G.
2015-03-24, 12:31
Thanks very much. Appreciated.
Don't be surprised if I'm calling you in the future.
Gary A.
2015-03-24, 12:31
Ian, I appreciate what you did for me. It would have been a burden to take care of this myself. I will refer anyone I know to your services in the part of the state you handle. You delivered what you promised. Love working with people like you. Thank you very much
Eugene M.
2015-03-24, 12:30
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